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[25 Jul 2008|07:32am]
[ mood | pian ]

Went to surgry 7 last night, so far doing good. Thank for all the healing energy and well wishes. Even though I'm in pain I feel better. They were talking about me going home today so cross your fingers.

Right now kids are with my ex though not by choise but not much a girl can do in a hospital bed. Hope everyone elese is doing well. Sorry I don't update as much the only lj access I have is from my sidekick so it takes for ever to post, though I do keep up and read friends pages...

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[24 Jul 2008|08:36am]
I'm at shawnee mission hospital. They admited me last night. My gallbladder is infected, I go to surgery at 5. Hugs and healing energy would be apriated.
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[08 Jun 2008|09:27am]
Update. Still working at mulitservice aviation. Its not a bad job but it kills my spirit I don't really get to talk to or interact with anyone all day. Its weird for me. Kids are doing great the summer daycare my older 2 are going to is taking them to worlds of fun and oceans of fun each week. They are all getting so big. We are hoping to move in aug. Closer to the kids school making it easier on them. I'm so proud at the progress both jen and joe made in school last year. I'm not a parent who care about grades as long as I've known they tried there best that's what's important. Andres is getting so big not just in size but in how smart he is. I'm going through a lot right now. It sucks it'll get better just sucks now. Hope everyone else is doing well
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[19 May 2008|12:55pm]
Update time. Things are going better. This last thursday night mom had a heart attach. She had 99% blockage in 2 arteries, and 96 % in the 3rd. They were able to put in stints and avoid a tripple bypass. She's supose to be going home today.

Can't wait to go camping this weekend !! See you all at heartland
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[06 May 2008|06:09pm]
Life is going pretty good. Missed church last sunday casue my ex wouldn't bring the boys home in time. Work is going pretty good I'm still getting used to being an admin assit vs a phone monkey. But I like the company and I'm not stressed out all the time like I was. We are looking forward to heartland, trying to talk we'll call him mr. Saralee. Into it. He's on vacation that week. Kids are doing great happy school is almost over.
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[30 Apr 2008|03:44pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

To avoid brain fog, here's a clever lil' meme, stolen from zianuray by way of featherynscale:

Ask me seven questions. Not just any seven questions though. No, to keep it interesting, use the seven questions as per below - just copy and paste the following, replace the blanks with something you want to know/ask (e.g. 3. Donkeys or sandcastles and why?), anything you want, personal, silly, surreal or deep, comment away and I'll answer honestly.

What do you think of _____________ ?

When did you last ____________?

__________ or ___________ and why?

What did you ______________?

What's your favorite ______________?

How would you ______________?

Who would you most like to ________ ?

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[25 Apr 2008|04:46pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I'm not dead, sorry i've not been to a regular computer in 6 weeks, life is going pretty good, my ex is now and forever legally andres dad as of last week. went to camp gaea for earth day. as always had an amazing time, though friday night i did drink a bit too much and got esscorted back to my tent. but saturday the stars came out and got to dance, along with many a trail i found id not been on before. Work is going great i'm not at multi service aviation. It's basically a credit card company for put put planes. Im a file monkey, i mean a admin, assitant. Thing is i like it, im not on the phone with customers for 8 hours a day and work with a really awesome group of people, and i'm learning tons about exel and other systems. the kids are doing great jenny is gonna go to summer school and i'm getting her tested for add, no so she can be put on meds, but to get her an iep. other than that i've been dating a wonderful guy since jan we're still friends but im ok with that, i like where im at in life right now. we do plan on moving this summer so that we live closer to the kids school and not worry if my car breaks them getting to school. hope everyone else is well. also i'm enjoying the many cd's i've recived they are all awesome in their own way.

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[12 Mar 2008|07:03pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Life is going pretty well, I start a new job monday that pays more than the retail store and is closer to home. I'm finally gonna get caught up on bills again. Things are going good with robert he finally meet my kids and they like him. We all spent the day at the park this weather is so awesome I can't wait to go camping. And thanks to everyone for the cd's

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[04 Mar 2008|09:37am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

so this not talking to phil thing is hard, but i just cant take it anymore, lets see how long till gets the hint im upset with him? i do feel alone right now which is weird for me. I dont believe in lonelyness but lately i feel like i've lost myself. i really need to redifine my life and what i want out of it, im done going from bad thing to bad thing. i want more out of life than just picking myself up. getting arrested showed me truely who my friends are and who i can count on. i still feel like i'm just alone i dont know how to decribe it i've got friends and people around me but i feel like im in a glass case by myself.

also i started a second job yesterday so i could get my fines paid in time and keep caught up on bills, i'm cleaning cinemarke from 12am to 4am after working here for 10 hours oh joy. and btw im never eating theatre pop corn again after cleaning the popper, besides 800 caleries for a small bag. YUK and urinals are just plain gross. i've an interview for a job wednesday hopefully i'll get it and i can quit here, this is pretty getto and we arent getting the sales they were expecting. but then again its a kiosk in a gas station

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[28 Feb 2008|03:42pm]
[ mood | sick ]

so court was yesterday went well no more jail time for me and fines less than i thought. as long as i do what they say and pay them in 60 day i'm fine.... so the whole house has caught the flu it sucks i feel like i've been hit by a truck and had a train run through my lungs, joe is finally getting better and andres seems to be now dustin is getting and jenny seems to be getting it too. blarg i'm a zombie pirite i get booty and brains.

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[22 Feb 2008|09:15am]
[ mood | calm ]

long time not post, life is going. not bad, but not wonderful. just living each day to what it is. still feeling like im missing somthing i'm off sunday so i'm hoping to go to church again i've really missed it.

so i'm gonna put it behind a cute cause its long but

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idea please [17 Feb 2008|01:15pm]
it's recently come to my attention i need to do something about my apartment. it seems when i'm there it makes me depressed, like i can be in the best mood ever and i walk in and insta sadness, leave go to qt be happy as soon as i leave but when i get back insta sadness. i've done a house cleansing but i've never had this kind of issue with a place i live. so any idea's or suggestions would be of huge help
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[16 Feb 2008|11:39am]
life has been going pretty good, havnt been to church since december it's getting to me they have me working 12-5 tomorrow but im off next sunday the kids miss going too. im getting ansy for warmer weather i see the sun which makes me happy but i want  neigh i need to go camping. i've never been happier since not being at embarq. i wake up and look forward to going to work, i dont get yelled at by anyone. i get to help people face to face. and i'm not on the phone. i think it was a blessing to happen. i hope everyone there is doing good you get to know people for over a year and you think about them i hope after they let me go they started a new class. the kids are doing pretty good my hours are still weird so they are mad at me about that but i also get more days off during the week. well i hope everyone's life is going well
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daning to the beat of life [11 Feb 2008|03:48pm]
[ mood | AWESOME ]

you ever feel like the universe is laughing at you? i feel that way today. im glad everyone had a great time this weekend. yea i missed out on prolly some of the most awesome parties this year. but i also had a blast with my kids, its a balance i have been going out way too much latly and i owe them time. today is joevani's 100'th day of school little sad im working. but i try to make it to everything of theirs i can. i feel like i've been taking life for granted i need to stop an enjoy the little things like the beauty of a soon to be lilly, or the smile a person gives when they get hugged. or just the fact i woke up this morning its freaken awesome that fact i'll wake up tomorrow more awesomness. the fact i get a hug and kiss from my kids everyday. the fact they woke up today. life is awesome cause it's there.

so random hugs to everyone today, chin up, btw lunar eclipes on the 20th see more awesomeness. and yes i'll be as confused as hell about robert prolly for months but i think i might enjoy self tourcher

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[05 Feb 2008|12:03pm]
who  wrote: and soon it will be ice like her heart on that heated july night. when she told me she could no longer love me. I still ponder how she could break something i thought the sharpest blade could never penetrate. 

help please and thanks
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[04 Feb 2008|01:05pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

weekend went really well the kids made me a birthday cake it was awesome had like 2 layers of chocolate frosting, saturday danced my but off,

went saturday to get my car checked, and it's pretty screwed, it needs a new lower support arm, both front stuts and the front tires are almost bald because of the way the car has been rideing, i was expexting to use my taxes to get another car dont know if i'll get any back now due to student loan stuff. but to fix the car is more than what it's worth i might go to shawnee mission school distric and see if they can help cover the cost due to the fact it was above freezing weather and it was a leak from the school building that caused the ice patch not because of nature related things. the school had also stated they asked the district on several occiations to fix the issue and not. i feel the district should be responible for at least part. i dought it'll happen. 

i stated traing today for my new job, insted of doing cell phone tec support over the phone i'll be sellng phones in a store, im kinda excited it's difernt but the same i needed the change. other than that life is going pretty well.

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repost [30 Jan 2008|04:28pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

so my birthday is really friday but saturday will be easier for most people to get out and about. i'll be a whole quarter of a centry old.

for everyone we'll me at apple b's off of rainbow bld and southwest blvd (by ku med ish) at 7Pm

for those 21+ after apple b's we'll be heading to balanca's it's at 18th and grand or if you just wanna meet there plan on anytime between 9pm (when we'll get there) till 3am (when they close 

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[28 Jan 2008|07:43am]
[ mood | worried ]

sti ll on the job hunt, but doing ok, keep trying to make it to church keep getting caught up an not back to op till after 5. still have 2 of the 3 roommates but they are pretty awesme now. i turn 25 friday and SATURDAY  going to appleb's and balanca's all are wecome to come :D please do, apple b's should be about 7 pm and balanca's about 9pm but they dont close till 3am. today have to do a second paturnaty test for andres, state of kansas didnt think the first one was good enough for their laywers thought this on is done at lab one so i dont know if i'll much trust it. thought the results wont change just open up sore wounds. i'm still here i know life will get better, everything happens for a reason. though i'm starting to have this feeling of being lost. maybe it's the big transistion. I'm thinking of going to the shawemission school district and apply as a para i know they always need them and i enjoyed doing it in high school it'd be diffent that what i've been doing and keep me from being behind a desk. well i do miss everyone. HUGGS, Pease and love

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[21 Jan 2008|09:47pm]
[ mood | numb ]

so i'm once again jobless, i was doing so good, got mvp, got 100 percent on my first quiality score of the new system. get called to a meeting. said i was beig let go for misconduct. ???? ive an iterview with the temp agenency i worked for to get the job hope they have somthing for me. gonna apply like made to other places. im upset at my self but not upset im not with this compay i wasnt happy had to fight my self to go to work each day cause of some of he interal stuff so its time for a new begaining. 

i'm gona apply like mad to get another job asap. guess im kinda numb at this point

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[19 Jan 2008|12:02pm]
[ mood | steped on ]

 I just feel like running and screaming like a crazy person. i dont mind being the should for friends the ear that listens, but when it's 10 people at the same time along with the nutsness going on at my house i dont know what to do, i dont wanna be mean and say hey right now i can only handle my issues, but at the same time thats all i can handle. i feel like nothing i do anymore is right no matter how hard i try i still step on the rake and get hit in the face. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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