A day in the life

1 February 1983
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a little about me, I'm a single mom of 3 kids, Jenny age 8, Joevani age 5 and Andres 3 years, they are my life, they teach me somthing new everyday, and to watch them learn an grow gives me great joy, I also attend and am a member of Gaia Community, it's uu earth based pagan theamed church, and has some of the most wonderful people there, I'm genally outgoing i like to make people happy, i love to be outside rainy days are the best, i'm short (well not in my reality) and i can't spell, and don't use most caps, coma or peroids so you grammer geeks i'm sorry

ok, i'm gonna explain my thing about butterflys, a butterfly must first struggle as
a catipillar to grow and make a cacoon, the amazing thing about a butterfly
is when it's time to break out of the cacoon if you or any outside force helps them they
die, so they have to go through that struggle to become the beautiful
amazing thing they are, well as humans we have many a struggle we go though
in life and each of them we come through makes us the beautiful amazing people we are
!!! and because of this i'll always have a respect for butterflys